MATHERA has been open in Cordes-sur-Ciel near the top of the village, just opposite St. Michael’s church, since 2007.

Cordes, a mediaeval city in the Albi region, is the home of a number of artists. It played a historic role in the “Pays de Cocagne” [woad-growing country], trading woad as early as the twelfth century and well into the Renaissance period. Woad is extracted from the “Isatis Tinctoria” plant, which has been grown again in the area from the 1990s onward.

Woad is available in our online shop as
Woad oil based skin care products
Fabrics, hand-dyed by us according to traditional methods
Artists’ materials for painters, water-colourists, pastellists, calligraphers and decorators

We offer the best pigments, truly life-enhancing colours, and various other materials for painters, interior decorators and restorers, especially woad blue pigment.

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